Elina Charatsidou

Physicist & Nuclear Engineer


Elina Charatsidou presents her work on nuclear materials during the TMS 2022 conference in Anaheim, California, USA.

The presentation was part of the ”Advanced Characterization and Modeling of Nuclear Fuels: Microstructure, Thermo-physical Properties” section of the conference, Topic of the presentation: Thermal Conductivity Degradation by Solid Fission Products: Machine Learning Coupled with First Principles Model

28 Feb 2022

99 million for small lead-cooled nuclear reactors.

Researchers and industry in Sweden are collaborating to realize the fourth generation of lead-cooled nuclear power plants. At KTH, tests and preparations are underway for the production of the reactors of the future.
Now we are pleased with the news that the Swedish Energy Agency grants research and development grants of 99 million for the next step – the construction of an electric test facility in Oskarshamn, says KTH professor Pär Olsson who coordinates the research center Sunrise.

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15 Feb 2022

The nuclear power of the future is predicted to be able to reuse nuclear fuel

The government is expected to announce the final repository of nuclear waste from our Swedish nuclear power plants. At the same time, research is being done on a new type of small reactor that can use today’s nuclear waste as fuel and shorten the time that the waste needs to be stored for 99,000 years. This is so-called uranium nitride, a future nuclear fuel that is being developed at KTH.


26 Jan 2022