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Elina Charatsidou Participates in the Modeling, Experimentation, and Validation Mev 2022 Summer School, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Knoxville, Tennessee

The MeV summer school comprised two weeks of insightful full of lectures, panel discussions, lab, and facility tours as well as networking! During the summer school, the participants were working in teams, on various projects and presented their findings on the last day. Our team won first place for the best presentation with the topic “Prediction of T91 Aluminised Cladding Failure due to Seismic Activity in an ELSY-LFR” following the CO-STAR format.

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svgPotential Accident Tolerant Fuel Candidate: Investigation of Physical Properties of the Ternary Phase U2CrN3
svgBest Project Award at MeV Summer School, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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